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what if life had a rewind button,
what if a person could go back in time and take back choices they've made
in their life that only lead to consequences.
i wonder if we'd learn anything.
maybe we would just continue to make that same choice.
yet maybe it would do us good.
i guess we'll never know.
- - - - sometimes when im laying in bed, or sitting alone; i think.
i reflect.
some could call it dwelling.
but i just think of it as lifting a weight.
any weight.
off my shoulders.
I think of my past decisions, my past relationships.
my choices in life. my mistakes. my greatest accomplishments.
i think of good days, and bad days. I think of.. my life.
Being a kid, not having to worry about a thing.
To growing up, and day after day you have to learn how to be a better person,
or you don't.
I guess that part depends on the person.
either way; each negative thing that god throws at you,
either makes or breaks you.
the choice is really only yours.

I have only ever looked at my life as something thats falling apart.
when i look in the mirror all i see is a weak, broke down girl who has had nothing in her life but shit;
violated, heart broken, no education. no future.
Disfunctional home life, no friends. No family.
Parents; sister, midaswell not be around. alive.
drivers ed drop out, no hobbies.
spent three years in high school smoking pot, skipping school, failing.
only to walk around expecting herself to be proud to say she has 1/2 her gr.10. shit job; no money to have a life.
Not getting into school this year.
won't graduate till she's 21-22.
has no one to wake up for. no one to make her proud to be alive.
No one to hold her. comfort her.
left in the dark to fight for herself.
pick up the shattered pieces of her life.
my mind is beyond over worked. my brain's begining to shut the fuck down.

blah blah blah eh?


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